Who is Michael Hurdle?

Before I became the person that you see today, I had to go through tons of interesting journey’s before I realized that my younger self, is the one who creates and molds the future version of me!

From PC Tech To 3D/Film & Video Production

I’ve worked with computers for over 20 years now. I’ve learned so much over time, and realized  how many opportunities are out there when it comes to computers and technology. I always wondered how film and animation were created behind the scenes, but not too many young blacks and hispanics growing up in my area of Brooklyn got that opportunity to be exposed to such things. We only had hip hop or sports.

For one year I saved up and decided to take my income tax refund and buy my first HD camera and tripod. I knew nothing about filming or editing video, but I was more than determined to learn. I grabbed my camera and started shooting low, or no budget videos for the practice, and to better my editing skills.

As my filming and video editing skills improved over time, I started getting more work filming “hood” videos for independant Hip Hop artists as some people may call them. I was one of the few videographers brave enough to film in some of the toughest neighborhoods all over New York City! I did it because I had that drive in me, plus I saw a great opportunity to make money for better equipment doing what I loved.

I noticed that I started diving deeper into Film, Video, and 3D production. It started becoming something I was really good at. I say that because of the reaction from anyone who I’ve done work for! when they saw the final product, they couldn’t believe the level of work they’ve gotten from such a small production. Word of mouth can be your best friend. I got most, or all of my work from word of mouth.

From garbageman, to computer analyst, to video production and 3D artist, I’ve learned so many things that helped me along my journey of one day owning and running a successful company that will grow beyond my life here on earth. My goal is to build a production house that can provide multiple production services from one location. I want to build a team that are more than just co-workers, they can be considered family as well. Building a strong team is the most important asset to me at this point. I will accomplish my goals!

Video Editing - 3D Animation & Visual Effects

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